The Official League of Indian Nations of North America(LINNA)

Our Mission Statement that existed from the early 1900s

The League of Indian Nations is a non-profit organization that represents all Nations of North America. We strive to bring understanding and equality; to unite all Nations and to overcome all obstacles through information and education.

Message From Standing Grand Chief: DR; Patrick Sarrazin, I saddened and would like to inform our members from around the world, that Linna.ca has been hijacked for the few years from Linna-usa.org these people are miss leading the aboriginal population both here in Canada and the United Sates of America. Several of their members have been dismissed from conducting business as officials see attached list.

This web Page at  www.linnacanada.org is the official web page that’s been around since the early 1900s that my late Grand Father: John McConnell bore 1891 till 1982 worked with Late: Jules Sioui and Signed Supreme Chief: Jim Horton along with His assistant John Tottsis  with Secretary of the League: Jules Sioue,

The people at Linna.usa.org HAVE NO TIES, NORE DO THEY, with the late Indian National Government listed above,

June 7 1944 was good for our representatives that constituted basis of the Legal Constitution linna.usa.org has no rights to anything, nor do they have any jurisdiction here in Canada or The United States of America to be acting as a Indian National Government.

With great pride I Grand Chief: DR, Patrick Sarrazin of the  Official League of Indian Nations of North America in Canada, would not or work with such (pirates) at Linna.usa.org: nor anyone person or organization  that would try to over power or over throw any Government around the world, that has been working with the Intergovernmental Affaires around the world for the past 100 years.

Notre Mission

La Ligue de Nations indiennes est une organisation à but non-lucratif qui représente toutes les Nations de l’Amérique du Nord. Nous nous efforçons apporter la compréhension et l’égalité; unir toutes les Nations et surmonter tous les obstacles par les renseignements et l’éducation.

“In Indian Unity”




Our rights are already entrenched and provided for in the traditions, cultures and history of our people, including the documents and laws of Canada and the United States. We have only to study deeply in this treasury to regain the strength and courage to demand these rights of Indian nationhood, and citizenship be honored.

In a real sense, we as aboriginal Indian people must be reborn and with several guiding principals, We must re-educate non-Natives as to their promises understand and uphold all constitution around the world.. Resting on these traditions, the journey of “The League” with a group of individuals set in 1991 proposed to re-establish “The League”, with several of is leaders and members that had and still hold Hereditary rights to this land: under the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and the Canadian Charter of Rights Sect:35 , In Trust we Linns hold’s hundred’s Indian Nation Government Cards that date fare as 1912 to 1984, our people thrived back then and lived of the land as my late Grand Father John McConnell.  

  1. The Unity of Indian people is especially a spiritual reality…it does not depend on politics, economic development, (school book) education, tribal affiliation or political force. Rather, the Institutions of Indian culture should reflect the state of the Spiritual Unity. The future of Indian people will come from the uplifting of Indian spirits, minds and bodies.
  2. Indian education really means the bringing out from darkness of Indian realities, not being educated in bookish learning. Indian education is a lifetime journey, involving children, youth, adults and elders…men and women equally. The twin visions of Indian education are true character and culture.
  3. We already belong to enough bands, tribes, nations and organizations. The League should not be another membership group involving itself in competitions with groups that are already functioning, and must not involve itself as a political body, although its resources, strengths and vision may influence activities in the “practical world”.
  4. Revitalized knowledge of “our Indian-ness” and of our relatedness must be matched with a new experience of self and other Indian respects. Rights can not exist independently of self change as some isolated legal matter. Instead, the hearts of Indian people must be reformed and institutions of family, community, band and nation must be re-established.

All Indian people have a local identification with their band or community. The League is working to assist a broader identity and relationship between all Indian nations and people. In registering with the League, no person “joins” a new organization, or turns away from a present membership affiliation; we are not “selling memberships”. It is your birthright.

symbols and meanings

Loon A symbol of peace and tranquility; the Loon’s call is one of mystique and the human whistle of beauty. Known for being generous and having a charitable nature.

Moon The Moon watches over us and is the protector and guardian of Mother Earth. Symbol of power, traditionally used to show prestige; Known as the protector and keeper of the Earth. When the Moon was bright, various tribes would receive direction, vision and guidance from the Moon. A respected ceremonial symbol, the Moon signified height and was often a sign of status. The Moon has the ability to change our moods and thoughts.




Nos droits sont déjà retranchés et prévus dans les traditions, les cultures et l’histoire de nos gens, en incluant les documents et les lois du Canada et des États-Unis. Nous devons seulement faire les études profondément dans cette trésorerie pour récupérer la force et le courage pour demander ces droits de statut national indien et la citoyenneté est honoré.

Dans un sens réel, nous comme les gens indiens aborigènes doivent être nés à nouveau. Nous devons ré instruire des non indigènes quant à leurs promesses. En reposant sur ces traditions, le voyage “de la Ligue”, un groupe d’individus en 1991 a proposé de rétablir “la Ligue”.

Il y a plusieurs chefs de guide dans la réorganisation :

1. L’Unité des gens indiens est surtout une réalité spirituelle … il ne dépend pas de la politique, le développement économique, (le livre scolaire) l’éducation, l’affiliation de tribu ou la force politique. Plutôt les Institutions de culture indienne devraient refléter l’état de l’Unité Spirituelle. L’avenir des gens indiens viendra du soulèvement de spiritueux indiens, esprits et corps.

2. L’éducation indienne signifie vraiment le fait d’apporter de l’obscurité de réalités indiennes, n’étant pas instruites dans l’apprentissage livresque. L’éducation indienne est un voyage de vie, en impliquant des enfants, un jeune, des adultes et des anciens … les hommes et les femmes tout aussi. Les visions de jumeau d’éducation indienne sont le vrai caractère et la culture

3. Nous appartenons déjà à assez de bandes, tribus, nations et organisations. La Ligue ne devrait pas être un autre groupe d’adhésion s’impliquant aux compétitions avec les groupes qui fonctionnent déjà, et ne doivent pas s’impliquer comme un corps politique, bien que ses ressources, forces et vision puissent influencer des activités dans le “monde pratique”.

4. La connaissance relancée “de notre indien” et de notre lié doit être correspondue avec une nouvelle expérience de soi et d’autres respects indiens. Les droits ne peuvent pas exister indépendamment de ce changement comme une question juridique isolée. Au lieu de cela les coeurs des gens indiens doivent être réformés et les institutions de famille, la communauté, la bande et la nation doivent être rétablis.

Tous les gens indiens ont une identification locale avec leur bande ou communauté. La Ligue travaille pour aider une plus large identité et un rapport entre toutes les nations indiennes et les gens. Dans le fait d’enregistrer avec la Ligue, aucune personne “ne rejoint” une nouvelle organisation, ou se détourne d’une présente affiliation d’adhésion; nous “ne vendons pas d’adhésions”. C’est votre droit d’aînesse.



The Official League of Indian Nations of North America