December 5th

I would like to let all our members know that our web site was down it is now back up so I will be putting posts up when they come in.

Seasons Greeting to all our members.
I would like to inform you all that the office will closed for the holidays. We will close on follows:

December 23,2014 to January 5,2015.

Have a safe and happy holiday season see you all next year.


Good day to all our members, It has be brought to my attention by some of our members that I am not updating the website. I would like to clarify to you all that I will update the website when there is news that warrants mentioning  I am the only person in the office and I have other duties that have to be attended to in order to keep the League running smoothly. I urge any one who is interested in helping with the website to please contact me and I would be more then happy to show them what needs to be done .

The League is in need of help from our members in order to move forward with the agendas that are on the table. Your help would be greatly appreciated.  


September 12,2012

Please be advised that the office will only be open Tuesday & Wednesday till further notice . You can reach me at any time at the following number.

Lauren@ 705-358-4377

Please remember winter is coming so take extra care when on the road.



Once again Spring Fest has come and gone fun was had by all, 2011

Photos are now posted of the fest . We would like to once again thank all the members and our Ambassadors that came from out of town.

Grand Chief Patrick Sarrazin

Geneolagist Jinnette Racette


Grand Chief Patrick Sarrazin

Ambassador Daniel Huard

Minister of  Foreign Affairs Orval Amyotte

Carole Amyotte- International Correspondent

Loraine Boulanger- Office Administration

Lorraine Strood-LINNA Liaison

Patrick Sarrazin – Grand Chief

Daniel Huard – LINNA Ambassador

Susan Crosby – LINNA Ambassador

Orval Amyotte – Minister of Foreign Affairs

Patrick Sarrazin – Grand Chief

Loraine Boulanger Office Administrator

Carole Amyotte – International Correspondent

Daniel Huard – LINNA Ambassador

Patrick Sarrazin – Grand Chief

Orval Amyotte – Minister of Foreign Affairs

Jannette Racette – Geneolagist


Bwaun Equa performing the smuding
















































Our Flags are now available for sale



Any one who is interested in purchasing one can contact Lauren


 at the office. Tel : 705-472-0777

Office hours are Monday toWednesday 9 to 2 Thursday & Friday 10 to 2


The flag comes in 3 sizes 36×72 Cost is$180.00

                                           27×54 Cost is $ 95.00

                                           10×15 Cost is $ 15.00

We now have T-shirts for sale the cost is $20.00 for Sizes M-L-XL




 We now have Baseball caps for sale cost is $10.00








The Official League of Indian Nations of North America